TriForest Enterprises, Inc - About Us

Company Profile

Since its inception TriForest has been a culture of innovation. We are an energetic, multifaceted, multi-disciplined organization. We offer a unique combination of expertise in the manufacturing of life science research products and industrial plastics. TriForest entered the US market a decade ago with the polycarbonate square/octagonal bottle, creating the "new alternative to glass." Our products helped shift the paradigm in the manufacturing of sterile aqueous reagents, and suspension cultures. Glass bottles and Erlenmeyer flasks were replaced with our crystal clear, shatterproof, and non-leaching LEXAN® Polycarbonate Labware.

As a manufacturer and consumer of our own products, we also offer a unique perspective on the practicality of our products. Over the years, we have acquired an in-depth understanding of manufacturing aqueous reagents, culture media and biologicals through our sister company MBI/Growcells, Inc. This expertise has enabled us to develop and manufacture an ideal product optimized for individual use, small and large scale production. Our products are manufactured in an ISO certified, class 10K clean room environment. They are particulate free, optically clear and superior in construction. We designed our bottles to exceed the requirements of an ideal lab/production container. Our liquid manufacturing experience coupled with five decades of plastic design, engineering, molding and manufacturing experience gives us a unique advantage against our competition. We are a team of biologists and plastics engineers who understand the needs and desire of our customers.

Our goals are simple and as clear as our products. We aim to earn your trust and provide you with the best we have to offer. Our products are built to maximize customer satisfaction through our innovative product line of premium plastic Labware.