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3000 mL Fernbach Flask (Flat Base)

Item Number: FPC3000S


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TriForest Fernbach culture flasks are sterile and designed for single use, however, it can be autoclaved and reused multiple times. They are ideal for all shaker/suspension culture. Like all TriForest Erlenmeyer flasks, the 3L Fernbach flasks come with the patented DuoCAP®. They are certified pyrogen and nuclease free. These flasks are available with or without baffles and are a complementary addition to TriForest Erlenmeyer Family.

Proudly Manufactured in the USA!

Optically ClearOptically Clear
Gamma RadiatedGamma Radiated

Material Polycarbonate
Size 3000 mL
Overhead 20% (600 mL)
Autoclavable Yes
Sterile Yes
Cap DuoCAP®
Width / Diameter 230.50 mm
Height 250.00 mm
Height with Cap On 260.00 mm
Graduation Markings 1000 mL to 3000 mL in 250 mL intervals