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500 mL Wide Mouth Bottle

Item Number: WPC0500


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TriForest Wide-Mouth Lexan® Polycarbonate (PC) bottles are engineered for applications included ultra centrifugation or culture of microbes, plants, algae, and organisms requiring large surface area to volume ratios. As ultracentrifuge flasks the bottles withstand maximum speeds without leakage and are ideal for all GS3 rotors. These centrifuge bottles are used where relatively small amounts of solids are involved. The tightfitting polypropylene screw cap reduces the possibility of aerosol escape. The bottles and caps are re-usable and re-sterilizable by autoclaving. The bottles are provided non sterile with the cap on as standard offering.

Optically ClearOptically Clear

Material Polycarbonate
Size 500 mL
Overhead 20% (100 mL)
Autoclavable Yes
Sterile No
Width / Diameter 80.60 mm
Height 169.50 mm
Height with Cap On 175.80 mm
Graduation Markings 100 mL to 500 mL in 50 mL intervals
Total Volume (cm3) 700 mL