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Eastman Eastar™ Copolyester PETG

Eastar is the "Resin of Choice" in single use Labware and medical devices. As a result when it came to production of our media bottles for the stem cell, mammalian and in-vitro fertility culture market, we chose PETG from Eastman. All our sterile Labware, media bottles and culture vials are manufactured with this remarkable resin. Our products retain their clarity after gamma sterilization, maintain integrity of the contents, and more so are guaranteed to exceed customer's requirement and expectations.

TriForest PETG resin meets ISO 10993 and/or USP Class VI biocompatibility requirement; Food Contact Status compliant. It is an amorphous material that displays performance properties including clarity, toughness, excellent gas barrier and chemical inertness. The products can be safely sterilized with gamma radiation without property loss or color shift.

Our line of tamper evident media bottles and vials are exclusively made with this resin to satisfy the critical requirements of the in-vitro fertilization media, and all cell culture fluids.

Square/Octagonal PETG

PETG Square/Octagonal Bottles

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Tamper Evident Cap Standard Cap With Shrink Seal

Vials Family

PETG Diagnostic Bottles / Serum Vials

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